March 31, 2008

sk8high x badbrains

vans x supreme x bad brains

i want it !!!!!!!!! but i know they don't make my size......shiiiiiii
baka supreme

March 30, 2008


belated......... RIP 3/26/95

the warriors

imma watch this " the warriors " tonite

March 28, 2008


i juss got back to home from office........
my boss n cameraman checked my styling and situation!!!!!
we ll go to the beach on nextweek that shoot for back cover of magazine
'd be super cool

March 27, 2008


deck,meth,ysl musebag

can't find eazy-e wiz bone thugs n harmony........

mark texeira

mark texeira art work

my vinyl-public enemy cover


March 26, 2008

dan clements

still im into excel and damn dan is true sneaker head!!!

dan got a aj1 blk x red wow

dan got a aj4 og

tryna be him excek tee x aj1 og

but he got me really want aj1 the color
can't wait til end of this year " re release aj1 " hummm

was excel day

today was excel day.been listening excel all day today
and my shirts is for excel cuz color way and blue plaid
chu know what im talking bout huh? ow yea then i changed my page color to the excel color way

March 25, 2008

excel x excel

fams at homie's italian restaurant
paco excel ←click s comin to tokyo

reyes msk 7th letter

reyes n i ......suddenly reyes came to our shop

dr romanelli

my baby got itttttt converse x dr romanelli

March 21, 2008

dedicate to itsumi

dedicate this color way of creature to itsumi she is in a yellowgreen haze now

March 20, 2008


dj drama

serious?! he is gona come to da club?!?! there is a small loco club,near my house!!!
the club is by us airforce base prolly it courtesy visit for military?!
anyway it's ok tho cuz ll be able to see him real closer than at club ageha

March 19, 2008

dune magazine

dem photo has unconsistently in the magazine but this issue is so popping
my brother

irak km, red tops myhomie kenji, irak ks

late 80's in harlem

by william eggleston

by joel meyerowitz
the 7th letter tom.eky,homies qp,lps,sectuno,wanto,retna

lindsay lohan and bne in tokyo

free rehab

low rider

golden puuja india