February 28, 2009

Death City

I still have dem vinyl?!
Oi Oi " Ghoul " We miss U, MASAMI !!!!
He is my best of hardcore punx n This song is masterpiece that made us crank up when we were 16yrs old on '85 hahah
and How much U got me shock bout ur artifical arm of Captain Hook in the Gig.
He lost his down arm by Dynamite accident then Hiroto from The Blue Hearts made the song " 僕の右手 " to dedicate for Masami of Ghoul

The Blue Hearts " My right hand "

'92 Rip Masami " Death City "


My brother puted dem studds on Core Fighter's hoody when he was young?! I Love the " Core Fighter " patch
My Backpack n Ol' Denim vest wiz studds

Ol' material things

Yesterday I was clean up in the box.......Most stuffs is DIY include the bubble yum bracelet from Itsumi
Pray hand's buckle is from Kaname, I plait it Leather&Chain by inspired from Ragcie in LA, Other chains wiz Lucky charm,
Maria coin's neckrace dem r I made.....LV hair band is from my sis, Alex&Chloe is from ???
I forgot, The Heart charm is from my homie.........
Also I made this 1 too but Im not really wearing maybe I make sumthing satisfy my impulse
But I still have sum plan for make Leather Clutch Bag so RU gona use it?! or Juss make it?!
Hum I dont even know yet

February 23, 2009

Fallen Angel

Today I got the Chucks x Black Sabbath " Fallen Angel "

Straight Killer

I was wondering He made sum " Straight Killer " by hydro n all nutrient stuff is organic Yes it was " Straight Killer " like Bin Laden shit huh homies
And Whatta fuck Im doin shii on rainy monday...........Today is real slow day n check " Stan Tookie Williams "

February 21, 2009

Growing Pains

We r growing together,
Had alotta colors " Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Mulatto, Filipino, Korean, Sum Islander etcetc "
But No Racism, No Fight, No Snitchin', between us even one of our homie got arrested No Snitchin' .......
We've been juss runnin' around make money for Have a fun
We miss U Chop........How long has been since ur gone but I still remember when ur leavin' from JP
U gave me at airport " big hug " n like u said " Be careful ur life Kyoko "

February 20, 2009

Wish List

" Studds Bag " Alexander Wang
" Pirate Boots " Vivienne Westwood I still cant decide which color is betta Black or Suede.......
Imma get dem It ll come true in soon

February 18, 2009


Saint Lucia is Her ex hubby's home town

Come on ride my Rodeo Come on ride in my Rodeo This one of another one of dem nasty M-E-F joints Come on

Its another one rite here I love women Know why? cause they love me back

Give me one reason to stop teasin' cause I Know you got good sex for me Tell me what comes next for me
What do you expect from me I know of those promises of love & affection
There's something bout u Thats got me going But is it worth not knowing if you're gona be around

NO NO NO Im NOt horny lmao

She can be 18 18 wiz an attitude or 19 kinda snotty actin' real rude But as long as you a thicky thicky thick girl
You know that its on

Now all my guls say Do it baby Stick it baby Yea Bounce ya ass n holla Do it baby Stick it baby

Sumhow Im listenin' dem songs that Bring me back sum memories
Today is my big sis's BD " Ms Sharron " n share 18th Feb wiz " Dr Dre " Happy Birthday to both my Homies ;D

Beside I was readin' it " Why Men r sloppy kissers "(National geographics)

February 17, 2009

His Tues

Suddenly opened our shop's door n sumone came in sometime around 2003........It was Grime
I was like OwW y ru here in Tokyo????
Today on the subway a girl was looking at me -not unlike most of the passengers
but she had a much more inviting and warm look to her face.I looked at her for a brief second
and she looked at me but I looked at away as she was beginning to smile because I was scared.
But I looked back a minute later to catch her glance
and we made eye contact for a few seconds and smiled at each other.
How nice. Not exactly an out of ordinary happening

February 15, 2009

San Clemente

One of mah favee free mag " Cyx " by Devil Nishi came out on the other day.
Cover is " C.Fletcher " killin' it. See badass the skull on head
He's still being model for " FAB " Thats optical brand where born in San Clemente n also Fletcher is from SC
And what good wiz fab is they choose mah bro " Watty " for new his product its called " House of INK " mayne so cool huh
But I couldnt find that pic........Imma post his pic wiz FAB later on
Here he comes 2005 " Poppin' his collar " as alwayz Braaah

February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Kiss

St Valentinus
Fuuuck the day Im off n chill n licklicklick chocolate☆
Thiss for Ur Valentine's Day

February 9, 2009

Good Time Charlies

Photo by Yuri

Jack Rudy


His tatt is so delicate n sensitive by single needle..........

I had sooooooooo much story, drama wiz Jack Rudy n his wify Carrie........I cant even write on here

Eventually we understand each other and he said " I ll tattoo u one of the proudly my script "

Ive never had tattin' like this big script on stomach of women for 33 yrs !!!! everybody thought me get lil script or sum

Hellnaaawwwwh me get a real big 1 on my stomach thiss my dream

then He asked me bout whats letters do u want?

I want to use the word " Charlie " like........ " Whats good Charlie? " or .........

So then Y dont u get " Good Time Charlies " if u like it

" ooO Of course I like it cuz that ur name!!! U give me ur name?!?! Sure? "

" Yes "

Got it !!!!!

" when I was in Japan, I tatted this name on sum Japanese dude.......he was like really love me so he request me tatt the name n skull on arm.......but it was juss I did wiz nothing cuz he want

but Kyoko, thiss totally different between u n that dude, u know. now we KNOW each other.......Yea thiss different "

Im so glad to u say that Jack........

His peeps r comin to say wassup to him When Jack tattin' on me then Jack r talkin to them bout " How did we meet each other in yokohama JP " was funny story, or " See, she juss got Baby Ray's tatt before she come here! " " Damn chu got 2 tatts in a day?! She is a gangsta! " so alala peeps r comin' it was fun

Beside he siad, Me(Jack) n my master who put the name " Good Time Charlie " r writin' sum history book so I ll put ur picture on my book

yea thiss good idea, young japanese women came to here from Tokyo for get my bigass script on her stomach lettered

" GOOD TIME CHARLIES " damn good!!! yea good idea!!!!

Thank u Thank u Jack even if it wont come true Im still happy tho

I had real meaningfully experience in this trip Thanks to Jack, Cariie, Tattoo land's staff, Ray, Steve, Alva, Richard, Retna, Yuri,
Tomo, Chaz, Nori, to all my homies!!!!!!!

Baby Ray

Thiss shiiiiii looks good huh
He gaze this tatt after everything is done, He fall in love wiz the lady
Like he said " Tatt's God came on here......I dont care sumbody laugh at me but serious
I had tattin' this lady on sum pro skater long time ago thiss 2nd time on u it'd be sooooooo cool n beautiful
see it.
Charlie Roberts wrote " Charlie Charlie "

Get ready

Im bout to go to get Tatts

February 7, 2009


Retna invited me to his atlier sumwhere on Fairfax.
There is really goood mayne. He has exhibition wiz Mac near future it'd be great !!!!
The crew ridin' on Hwy by bike like crazy but seems funny alotta bike on the Hwy wiz ghetto bluster,alcohol etcetc
like " A Paaaaarrrrtyyyyy "
Retna & Mac drawin' on La Brea Ave
Gave me this 1 Thank u Retna !!!!!!!!!!!
Retna : http://www.digitalretna.com/


AwWwWww YURI flickin' to took pic of me wiz dem Toon's graff n Estevan's photo by my digicamera
Its fun time wiz Yuri!!! Ur real good photographer, U gave me to be " a natural pose "
She makes good atmosphere between her n object, peeps.......
And she used to her own ol' camera after used my digi that sooooo looks diff, more lowkey but Thats her style!
Thank U sooooo much I love ur photo.... yea absolutely
Yuri Hasegawa : http://www.yurihasegawa.com/