November 30, 2008

If I ruled the world

Terry's partner?!?! " Jenn "
Mah Favee girr " JENN " kawaiiiiiiiii Have a good sleeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp nite☆

November 28, 2008

Maaan that shit is bangin'

Have a nice weekend☆ オレは仕事だけどさ


Toons said
I thought maybe I should slow down.
Baby Ray, a tattooist who I looked up to and respected,
and Mark Mahoney both had an hour conversation with me
basically telling me, “You deserve a first-class life and to become a real tattooer,
but you're bullshitting. You're barely surviving.
You're fucking loaded 24 hours a day.
How are you going to learn this art?” It made sense. Baby Ray said,
“If you make the decision to change your life, take direction from me, and sober up,
I'll teach you the real art of tattooing.” I said I'd do it.
We ended up moving to Spotlight Tattoo under Bob Roberts, and I worked there for three years.

Baby Ray

Wataru told me like the story n Ray tattooed on Toons arm.
the story is such a turn me on again!
So early next year.........
First Imma get tatt on both the shoulder joint from Baby Ray hellya
Baby Ray takes first priority, next Mike giant, Mr Cartoon?! Thiss my trip plan on next year

Mike Giant

Mike said
I've retired from tattooing. I'd suggest that any interested clients check out
my links page to see who I'd recommend. I don't draw tattoo designs for individuals,
so don't ask.
WhatevaWhateva!!!!!!I dont give a fuck!!!!!!
Imma use powerful connections wiz him to get his tatt ;p

Estevan Oriol x Juliette Lewis

Ayo u dont have to love me u dont even have to like me but u ll respect me chu know y?
cuz Im a boss..................
like around my homeboys said " she's tight " when we was young but Girls disagree wiz boys ;q

Beside, my man left the message for "Turkey day" but I was already in the dream.....zzzz
awww I miss "sharron" 's grill of turkey wiz gravy she is like my big sister
anywayz Happy thanksgiving to all my buddies☆

November 27, 2008

Dropping names and telephone numbers and all

Well the sense is sensing That the juice keeps pumping and I know why
The bitch keeps bitching Snitcher keeps snitching Dropping names and telephone numbers and all

Today is so slow day in the Rainy........ listenin' oldies record
Sry to my girrr, my feel isnt go out to skate xxxxx

Drive slow homie

phewwwww I got a pins of Ric Clayton from No Mercy and Yesterday I went to see one of the ol' friend then remind this song
" Little T&A " also hittin' office of " Base Station " Imma up dem pix on here lata

November 23, 2008


The TENDERLOIN opened flag store at Daikanyama,Tokyo
Wataru n I, in the fitting room........
Unfortunately mr. Henmi wasn't there so hope to see u next time and " Congrats " for opened store
Beside, Tsuru has a store of japanese vintage boonbox, headphone, audio accesary etcetc. its a Heck tight
here the URL


Born in the 1969......... Ol' friends since 1986 Nishiura, Tsuru and I

The Mann

Shoooootin' it up at front of our shop " Angel Mars Club "
GPK from Core Fighter, Takeshi from Bounty Hunter, Horie From Interface, Suwabe from Hide&Seek, Nakamura from US
Kyawayusu lol # 1 Stunna suwabe from" hide and seek "

Vida Loco

ésa era su exposición - My Latino homies " KEP n REW "

Sippin' on sum sizeeeeerrrrp

Aaaaaaaaaaaah Its gona freak U out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uh huh
I gotta develop up of today's great pix Imma post dem later on

November 20, 2008

Erik Brunetti

Erik Brunetti (born 1967)
is an American artist and designer, best known for his creation of the brand FUCT. He is credited as one of the creators of subversive street wear, a style of designing stemming from the Situationist Movement - which involves subtly changing, re-appropriating or subverting various pop culture themes and icons. Brunetti took the transformative ideals of the Situationists of the 60's and applied those aesthetics to the society of today. Brunetti created FUCT in 1990, during this period the term "street wear" did not exist. FUCT was amongst the pioneers of this new movement, along with the likes of Shawn Stussy, Eric Haze, Keith Harring's Popshop and Hysteric Glamour, of Japan. -from SXH

About Fuct Clothing
FUCT is the brainchild of artist/graffiti writer Erik Brunetti (aka DEN ONE). The company is responsible for introducing to the world the “Planet of The Apes” printed t-shirts in 1993, using Viet-Nam war & German WWII inspired graphics, and the recent hand-drawn rock’n’roll iconography pieces. Drawing it’s roots in early skate-boarding and graffiti culture as well as punk-rock music, FUCT has maintained a steady cult following over the years. The brand has also attracted artists and musicians such as Keith Richards, Julian Schnabel, Larry Clark and members of thrash metal band Slayer. -from WKP

Needless explain bout Erik by me. Yall already know

His blog of SlamxHype


Erik sent me above the pix for mah blog
ey the last mail was hella fuuny n I feel u.
Imma tell my brother Noboru bout it anyway...........Thank u so much Erik !!!!!!
ow yea unfortunately we missed to see u this time so come holla at our office next time

New Rose

So I went to the town where has alala wholesale store of ornament
Gotta make sum christmas decorations for our shop.........

Scottish tartan heritage

Todays mah style CoreFighter Duffle, Alternative V-Tee, Tartan check wool pants-yep love it!
Im out!!!! for get sum stuffs of christmas decoration

Mah homie's exhibition

Mah Latino homie KEP has exhibition of his gaffs on 22th. Imma holler at chu thanks

November 19, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

Wonder y Im listenin' dem oldies................Fuck what Im doin' .
Yea this song is like my nostalgicaly song, I went to The Rolling Stones show at '90 Tokyo by myself !!! it was hard to get tickets
n my homie gave me only 1 ticket lol Dont give a fuck Imma go there by my self !!! my feel was like
Sum homies were hittin' another day then we were talkin bout Stones showed us up song of Angie thats hella tight or My day was sang the Ruby Tuesday instead the Angie blahblahblah........most ppl wanted to see the Angie but Im a lucky to saw the Ruby tuesday thats my favee song ow now remember I got a phone card of Stones Tokyo tour from mah girr its real rare one tho

Now ur messin' wiz a son of a bitch

Im still up and
not order yet...................
Gonna watch the old movie
" Fast Time "
whateva whateva whateva

Get cha ass out

Hummm I waaaaaaana get dis lil ride!!!! Schwinn Stingray...........
Schwinn s gona stop production of stingray in this year ummmm
My brother got a black stingray, My coworker got a peapicker one me, Lemmon peeler col?!?!
このローチャリみたいにさっ↓↓↓↓↓ なんか古っ あああああアアアアアオーダーしようかな

November 16, 2008

How could hell be any worse?

Leather hat wiz Band pins, vintage nerd glass of Tart optical who Johnny Depp or James Dean on '50s wore it
Core Fighter Lambswool sweater, Hat

Shopping spree

Sumhow sumthin' made me wana go to outlet spot where 3hours away from my house.....................
Long driving shiiiii but the shopping was worth long driving!!!! and Its good driving wiz music n see, wired the full moon.....
Awwww I neva thought I buy again the Brooks Brothers jacket wiz gold buttons cuz I already got the Jk when I was 20yrs old☆
n the Military jacket from Jcrew. those r hella cheap!!!!!
Finally I got 2 pants!!! Been looking for both pants....... wool plaid , bell bottomed denim!!!!!! wooooweeeeee "m so happy
And.....Alternative tee that material is really softly sheer cotton n also detail good


We went to the Onsen Hot springs at next prefecture place. Our room has private bath tub of Hinoki (grows only japan that relly good smell) at balcony It was so fresh , so clean me up n had a fun

November 9, 2008

Shetland Wool

Put dem up ShetlandWool Hat & Muffler from England

H&M story........Sucks!

I was rollin out before get on work, See it Yesterday over 1000ppl r waitin' line for get in H&M Harajuku. I wrote bout japanese ppl r never makin' line for election unlike as american on here the otherday but except like this....Damn japanese loves makin line for things like that
Then me.....without exception I was in the line at nite time LMAO but it was not much wait longer than the morning only 10mins
BUT H&M was unworthy to wait, I mean I brought only " the swallow earrings " one for Itsumi!!! guess she likes........
So, no clothing no bags no shoes nothing cool even H&M x COMME des GARCONS wwwww so wack to me!!! whats wrong wiz Rei Kawakubo!!! damn I was too expect of her stuffs from H&M

Go Mickey Go get it!!!!

The Ramp is front of Castle of Cinderella......
Fuckin Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my last thursday was.............

November 6, 2008

Pretty Vacant

The color ways is from Seds tee " God save the Queen "
My bros another store " Angel Mars Club "
Leather wrist band
Recently, Those r my favees stuffs
Imma go to Disney world today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeyo