November 19, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

Wonder y Im listenin' dem oldies................Fuck what Im doin' .
Yea this song is like my nostalgicaly song, I went to The Rolling Stones show at '90 Tokyo by myself !!! it was hard to get tickets
n my homie gave me only 1 ticket lol Dont give a fuck Imma go there by my self !!! my feel was like
Sum homies were hittin' another day then we were talkin bout Stones showed us up song of Angie thats hella tight or My day was sang the Ruby Tuesday instead the Angie blahblahblah........most ppl wanted to see the Angie but Im a lucky to saw the Ruby tuesday thats my favee song ow now remember I got a phone card of Stones Tokyo tour from mah girr its real rare one tho


Anonymous said...

whats poppin'?

AKIRA said...

I been popping my collar as usual ;p
n u? ruby