August 31, 2008

Mah New Toy

So the SLR camera SIGMA ←clickclick
was knocked down to me for 40 usd by auction the otherday.....hella cheap huh
But I didnt even know it was workin' or piece of shii so I been flick flick around since I got it
SIGMA is japanese lens company that can guarantee its good lens - even tho I still love Carl Zeiss lens.....
Yea mine is a compact easy to use SLR camera...but!!! it aint easy shiiiii I guess not so expect to make good one?! or It depends on skill?
At mah gym spot.....Glabbed the toy and playin' wiz but I dont even know how to use it ummm
It seems not depth of a color

August 28, 2008

RIP Hood Surgeon

Lil Easy n Dr Dre's son Hood Surgeon
Rest in peace Son


My girr Chi n I went to da movie " Sex And The City " I've neva thought to " watch it " cuz I'vent seen ever that drama
But I've been watch " Laguna Beach " gahahahah I know da drama of LB is wack " ppl r no looks good " unfashionable "
Chu know rite? but if I watch once then much addicted to watchin' it lololol

August 27, 2008

T O Doble D to the Todd!!

Here sum Consolidated kicks " BANANAS " n " Dont Do It "
Thanks Todd stopped to here!!!! His blogs is below my favee spot!!!!

August 21, 2008

Big wayne ☆ Lil wayne

Imma get the " D wayne, Lil wayne " tee by munk one later on!!! its not release yet?!
Dem tees r by Estevan oriol
Zombies night tee by munk one
so I juss ordered dem tees,cant wait to get it!!!

August 20, 2008

McDonald's is mah spot

Nah MickyD is not my spot thiss my gym spot.....only this gym accept ppl who has tattoos!!!
I was tryin' to join a private gym but most gyms reject tattoo ppl!!! its too absurd shyt
Im a flower child ;p my favee all in one of flower

マイターーーイ maithai

Yea I went to sum Thai restaurant lastnite(I changed dress ;p) wiz Shinya n Eri!! she is a fuck cutee as always♡
Guess, ru wearin' " Tory Burch" shoes? um? nah it was yea pink " Pucci " yea? da was soooo cute
anywayz we were talkin bout hiphop of middle school Like " I've met -Q tip- at record shop " " I went alotta concert Nas,
De la soul, Tribe called quest, Gang starr, LL cool J, Lost Boyz,Eve, Pete Rock wiz his cousin INI, Rakim, SWV, Total, Da Brat,
Common Sense, The Roots,Naughty by nature, Redman at Loco club, goodie mob, Ghost face killah, who else???
(not only middle school ;p) "
" I want to see Meth n Pharcyde" brahbrahbrah
Here sum pics n tickets but most dem is lost or Cant show up my pics cuz me!!! damn my hair was crazy!!! Afro lol or braids
looks so oldies for nowadays
then Found shiiiit da fest in SF !!!! see it my boddies r there!!!!!!!!

August 19, 2008

Death Hat

Core Fighter's new trade mark is rad!!! death hat n stick!!!
And today I put on sum shabby Minetonka, it been wearin' as long as 5yrs dang!!!
But Imma change dem dress for go out to have a dinner wiz Girrrrr♡ she always puts on sum cutee stuff it make me wana get sum girly stuff

August 18, 2008


Today, Usk dropped to here and kickin back
well His Jr arrived on 31th so Congrats! mr. Usk

The New Ride

Look mah coworker " Mad " shaped regular deck that looks " Coffin " for cruise in harajuku
It aint cant buy (lmao) " Rip Rider " by Creature's deck He is just much clever to do anything so just make it up

Wut it up

In this morning, Im checkin that which is good for today.....
Doesnt feel..... Vans " S,Caballero " " Bad Brains " " Dont do it of Consolidated "
Not Jordans......
Got a damn " Consolidated " Dunk SB for today!!!! Sry I decided " Do it " it wasnt " Dont do it " by Consolidated Bananas
and wiz Juxtapoz 7th letter's issue

August 15, 2008

The New York Times

Found his news on the new york times the other day

August 14, 2008

film legends Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro in anticipation for their upcoming film together,
Righteous Kill. The entire space was decorated with Pacino’s and DeNiro’s most iconic movie memorabilia,
including montages of their historic career scenes as picked by Estevan Oriol and Mr. Cartoon.
Estevan and Toons not only created the movie’s poster art, but also handled Righteous Kill’s marketing buzz…
-Crime film that will star Robaert de niro,Al pacino, Donnie wahlberg, Curtis "50cent" jackson

August 12, 2008

Toon's stunna

Sumhow makin' me wana wear da " Cartoon's cortez " n " Famous's grill "
hum l'vent wear it daaamn long time
Plus dedicate this nike's cm to cortez

Chevy vs Caddy

My favee Tees whateva whateva still Im thinking which car is
badest tatt on me?!

August 11, 2008

U chan♡

We'vent see for awhile!!! but She dropped to bring sum BD gift n skate's protector.....
n see it! she remakin da big size " cypress hill " TEE for looks like girly style its good tho!!!
anyway thanks for came by , go for the grind at examination!!!

Next Episode for Hayes

Whole bunch ppl r sampling " Isaac Hayes " songs, I cant even put on dis player

Sampled On:
Can I Live - Jay-Z
Look of A Thug - Young Jeezy
Rain On Me (Remix) Ashanti ft Capone N Noreaga
Make The Music With You Mouth - Biz Markie
I Love You(Remix) - Mary J Blige ft Smif N Wessun
Beautiful Mind - Cormega
6 Minutes of Pleasure - LL Cool J
Letter To The Firm - Foxy Brown
Jealousy - Fat Joe
Bitches From Eastwick - The Lox
Walk On - Method Man ft Redman
Smooth Operator - Big Daddy Kane
Animal Planet - Gza
Reservoir Dogs - Jay-Z ft The Lox, Sauce Money, & Beanie Sigel
Caught, Can We Get A Witness - Public Enemy
Malcolm - Ghostface Killah
I Gotta Say What Up - Ice Cube
Da Bump - Redman

phew more n more n more
R.I.P Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Rest in peace Hayse


I dropped to "Unifying Social Attitude" of Joji Shimamoto's photo n paint exhibition after got off work
It was nice photos from states and also nice venue
aw thanks mr Volcom OG for hooked me up wiz Unfortunately I couldnt go each party
but thank ya !

August 4, 2008


We begged to show us his back but he doesnt want to......cuz Not finish yet
Soooo killin' us da tatt wooweee Tatt by Sabado

Sunset the other day

It was so beautiful especially I took it by contax T2 Good work!!!!

August 2, 2008

Skate at Yokosuka US Navy base


Steve Nesser

Thanks Todd!!! I met ya homie Nesser!!!

Chad Knight

Thanks Chad!!! Hope u had a fun in JP and Take care ya trip!!!