August 20, 2008

マイターーーイ maithai

Yea I went to sum Thai restaurant lastnite(I changed dress ;p) wiz Shinya n Eri!! she is a fuck cutee as always♡
Guess, ru wearin' " Tory Burch" shoes? um? nah it was yea pink " Pucci " yea? da was soooo cute
anywayz we were talkin bout hiphop of middle school Like " I've met -Q tip- at record shop " " I went alotta concert Nas,
De la soul, Tribe called quest, Gang starr, LL cool J, Lost Boyz,Eve, Pete Rock wiz his cousin INI, Rakim, SWV, Total, Da Brat,
Common Sense, The Roots,Naughty by nature, Redman at Loco club, goodie mob, Ghost face killah, who else???
(not only middle school ;p) "
" I want to see Meth n Pharcyde" brahbrahbrah
Here sum pics n tickets but most dem is lost or Cant show up my pics cuz me!!! damn my hair was crazy!!! Afro lol or braids
looks so oldies for nowadays
then Found shiiiit da fest in SF !!!! see it my boddies r there!!!!!!!!

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