August 18, 2008

Wut it up

In this morning, Im checkin that which is good for today.....
Doesnt feel..... Vans " S,Caballero " " Bad Brains " " Dont do it of Consolidated "
Not Jordans......
Got a damn " Consolidated " Dunk SB for today!!!! Sry I decided " Do it " it wasnt " Dont do it " by Consolidated Bananas
and wiz Juxtapoz 7th letter's issue


the VELVET weed fog said...

did you see me in the consolidated dunks in the EWOK intro photo?!?!

AKIRA said...
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AKIRA said...

Thank ya Todd!!! dropped comm n u got heck alotta blogs!!! ; ). well...Ur talkin bout that insole?
ow I talked to Kaname yesterday yea he was supposed to come down there on next month but its canceled
He got so busy?! but Imma get new tatts from him next month heck yea!!!!