December 31, 2008


How my 2008 year was..........

I had alotta fateful encounter its like changed outlook on my life, yea its kinda

I juss wana say thank yall of supported me n Imma go to own the way for myself on 2009 as usual ;D

and Cant wait to come down to states on Jan for get tatts n see my homies!!!!

aaaaaaaaahhhhh my chicks asked me to hit the club tonite for count down
but hummmmm prolly chill-laxin' on bed?!?! sooooo lazy goofy whateva not sure yet

Im OUT =33333333333

December 30, 2008

Affirmative action

Photobucket Yokohama
Today..........Shiii gotta big clean up for whole my house but still kickin back on bed

December 29, 2008

Crunk me up☆

Im bout to go to bed for tmr! Imma come down to Yokohama wiz mah lilman nephew!

My Boo " CHI "

The other day she hits the club in Shibuya which alala japanese ppl is packed there is totally diff between
our loco club n their club
(we used to hit loco club neva been there like japanese club, our loco club is like similar club of US there s fun tho)
aanywayz DJ was playin' sum hiphop it was lilbit oldies '99 '00 '01 sum kind of stuffs that made crunk her up
Lapdace, Poledance, shake her booty whateva as she wants in the club lmao ayteayte we shoulda hit club ;p
Big ass M*F オレ黒いなあ。。。あ〜〜あ〜〜やっぱり日焼けしようかなあああ
Dem pix r sooo old but unfortunately I have no camera today.......Suddenly she asked me to have a dinner
It had been 2month ? 3month? since I saw her last?!?!
ow yea I had so much fun to talk wiz her bout back in the dayz n music, club, blapan(thiss japnese/english)world and states
Its good tho, we r sharin' alala memories huh Lets hit the club next time hahahah
Plus I ll explain bout what BLAPAN mean is oneday ne☆ Its crazy world in JP

December 24, 2008


Very Merry Fuckin Christmas


Ey Buddies I changed the URL


Please replace wiz the new one!!!

Thanks n Have a good holidayz☆

December 22, 2008

Who's that girl ?

She'd neva say where she came from

Yesterday dont matter if its gone

While the sun is bright or in the darkest nite

No one knows

She comes n goes

Dont question y she needs to be so free

she ll tell u its the only way to be

She juss cant be chained

To a life where nothing gained n nothing lost

At such a cost

Theres no time to lose I heard her say

Catch ur dreams before they slip away

Dying all the time

Lose ur dreams

And u ll lose ur mind

Aint life unkind?

December 21, 2008

Good Time Charlies Again

Ive wrote sum bout Imma get tatts from Baby Ray n Mike Giant in states on Jan, after that my plan is changed......
Yea at first I must get a Jack Rudy's tatt which one of the top tattoo artists in the world! and then get a BabyRay's tatt. they r gangsta!!! I do love those style ha
but brothers said " its hard to reach him!!!! we r tryin to come down to the studio a couple of times but he never be there! he is always runnin around or sum" ......hummm too bad but I had sum a confidence to catch him I juss felt it......I dont give a fuck Imma juss come down there for sho lol....... we were talkin bout Jack Rudy after few days, fortunately it juss happened on me through ITSUMI hooked me up wiz the dinner in Yokohama(I know All bout becuz Itsumi!!!!!! yepyep appreciate again!) I saw sum dudes r wearin' the BEATNIKS jacket to walkin down the street, I was like ow thats jack rudy's crew I gotta say sumthin bout him! I said to lady " Imma come down to cali for get rudy's tatt!!! " " did u get a appt?" " nah " " ey Jack Rudy is there " " Daaayuuummmn " chu know how much I was excitin'!!! I already knew Beatniks was in jp but I neva thought also Rudy is in jp too !!!
then Jack Rudy gave me business card wiz the lady's name who management of JackRudy's schedule!!! " phewwwwww I got it!! "
Few days ago, I got a appt wiz Jack Rudy yes!!!! Imma see whats up in Cali on next month!!!!!! Thanks buddies!!!!!!
Beside! Imma get his letters on my stomach! thiss my lil dream what get tatt on stomach.
sum ppl hate woman has tatt on STOMACH! I dont give a fuck! Imma get it! Juss do it nobody handling me
Now Im 39 yrs old so the remainder of my life is kinda short, aint short but yea short......
( I guess my life is 78yrs that cuz most my family passed away on 78yrs old lol)
I figured it is mine, my life is gettin middle point, I dont want sumone handlin' my life, yea I must to do as I want


December 18, 2008


Itsumi n I ..........Ive been lookin' forward to meet ya girrrrrrr
well, I have no words to express my gratitude......I juss wana Thank you for everything!!!!
sry i ripped off this pic from ur blog

Its all to da G

China town in Yokohama
Itsumi, Danny
Max Schaaf, his Wify Sarah
Fawn, John
Mark Drew, I
Jasin Phares..........Damn sorry Jasin thiss my bad xxxxx Cant even see ya face
Jasin n I ....... Itsumi sent me dis pic☆

Double W

Finally we met up in Tokyo!!!!! Itsumi,Danny,Wataru,Wataru,Casper n I

Birthday Mann

12th Dec 08
He got a pipe from my brother n coworkers
I got a Tiffany flame for him
This is a high quality SAKE !!! $50 for a small glass !!!! Basically I dont drink but i took 3 drink up!!!
soooo damn good n fruity taste

December 16, 2008


Robert Williams , Black Flag front mann n artist Henry Rollins at the venue
Vans hosted a party to exhibit their latest ad campaign. ICONoclast, a black and white photography exhibit by Estevan Oriol of icons who have influenced Vans over the years
Unfortunately it ll closed when I get to there huh? damn it

Still runnin around

My old vinyl of GNR japanese type one, Its not " Appetite For Destruction " n Artwork by chu know Robert Williams(above the man)
So Ive been MIA but last week has been full days.........Thanks Itsumi,Danny n homies☆

OG in da house

photo by his homie " Lui "
Mr OG started blog check his stuffs out " "
and Lui :

December 8, 2008

Last Night

We're chillin on the street in Yokohama............
Cant even see " whos who " but Later, Imma post a full report of last nite on here after finished develop films
" what happen was on the street "
Ow My God!!! " Jack Rudy " He is considered to be one of the top tattoo artists in the world.
I still have sum story wiz Jack Rudy so........we ll see whats up!
I juss wana thank yall anywayz.......

Good Morning Maa

In this morning I opened the wrapping paper again............
Thiss sweeteee gift from maa Itsumi Thank u sooooooooooooo much!!!
and then.........


I got a Chucks x Metallica x pushead killin it!!!!!!!!!!!
It ll release on next spring or summer?! dont know yet but yea thanks ;D

December 6, 2008

Resurrection Paper Paper

Im sooooooo sick of sum paperwork!!!!!! take soooooo long n shiiiiiii Im done nitenite☆

December 2, 2008

Gosh Rock The Bellz

Gosh! I missed to see her " Lanie of Hellz Bellz " in Tokyo! I really <3 her style sooooo bad☆
Sry I ripped off dis pic from HB blog ;p
My old pic is in myspace album, Nitrolicious page of Hellz Bellz
Hellz Bellz


Last week, I dropped to Base station in Harajuku to see friends
Hiroka chan
Yoshimi chan
Kei kun...........well, They r designin' of BaseStation's stuffs
Ey !!! Hirokachan, Kei kun, thanks for comin' to our shop the other day but unfortunately I wasnt there.
Lets out to Karaoke for Team Harajuku !!!! plus the titlle has sum meanings Imma tell what it is for lata........


I was supposed to post bout his blog on here more earlier.......
Sry belated n Thanks MARU chan bout approval to post bout u on here
Thiss real rad blog of his life in Consolidated skateboards
here it
plus, Lets go get sum drink together!!! ur older homie Naoto ;9 n my homies ; ) chu know what Im talkin bout

Ballin' aint easy,,, but its a whole lotta fun from Snoop

WoOwEee Qick,Snoop,Eight,Daz,Kurupt All Stars to me maaaaayne!!!!!
well, below the dude " Shinano " told me bout MC Eight was in Tokyo for show damn I wanted to see him tho
but like he said " Audience was sucks it made me so sick " hahahah I feel u mayne!!!!
" mr. Shinano " he is workin for Converse but before he was in the Pony.....
that time was he hooked me up wiz Snoop kicks alot !!!! Thanks !!!!
His girr " Yuko " n I at our shop " Girr holler at me wheneva as u like "

November 30, 2008

If I ruled the world

Terry's partner?!?! " Jenn "
Mah Favee girr " JENN " kawaiiiiiiiii Have a good sleeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp nite☆

November 28, 2008

Maaan that shit is bangin'

Have a nice weekend☆ オレは仕事だけどさ


Toons said
I thought maybe I should slow down.
Baby Ray, a tattooist who I looked up to and respected,
and Mark Mahoney both had an hour conversation with me
basically telling me, “You deserve a first-class life and to become a real tattooer,
but you're bullshitting. You're barely surviving.
You're fucking loaded 24 hours a day.
How are you going to learn this art?” It made sense. Baby Ray said,
“If you make the decision to change your life, take direction from me, and sober up,
I'll teach you the real art of tattooing.” I said I'd do it.
We ended up moving to Spotlight Tattoo under Bob Roberts, and I worked there for three years.

Baby Ray

Wataru told me like the story n Ray tattooed on Toons arm.
the story is such a turn me on again!
So early next year.........
First Imma get tatt on both the shoulder joint from Baby Ray hellya
Baby Ray takes first priority, next Mike giant, Mr Cartoon?! Thiss my trip plan on next year

Mike Giant

Mike said
I've retired from tattooing. I'd suggest that any interested clients check out
my links page to see who I'd recommend. I don't draw tattoo designs for individuals,
so don't ask.
WhatevaWhateva!!!!!!I dont give a fuck!!!!!!
Imma use powerful connections wiz him to get his tatt ;p