December 21, 2008

Good Time Charlies Again

Ive wrote sum bout Imma get tatts from Baby Ray n Mike Giant in states on Jan, after that my plan is changed......
Yea at first I must get a Jack Rudy's tatt which one of the top tattoo artists in the world! and then get a BabyRay's tatt. they r gangsta!!! I do love those style ha
but brothers said " its hard to reach him!!!! we r tryin to come down to the studio a couple of times but he never be there! he is always runnin around or sum" ......hummm too bad but I had sum a confidence to catch him I juss felt it......I dont give a fuck Imma juss come down there for sho lol....... we were talkin bout Jack Rudy after few days, fortunately it juss happened on me through ITSUMI hooked me up wiz the dinner in Yokohama(I know All bout becuz Itsumi!!!!!! yepyep appreciate again!) I saw sum dudes r wearin' the BEATNIKS jacket to walkin down the street, I was like ow thats jack rudy's crew I gotta say sumthin bout him! I said to lady " Imma come down to cali for get rudy's tatt!!! " " did u get a appt?" " nah " " ey Jack Rudy is there " " Daaayuuummmn " chu know how much I was excitin'!!! I already knew Beatniks was in jp but I neva thought also Rudy is in jp too !!!
then Jack Rudy gave me business card wiz the lady's name who management of JackRudy's schedule!!! " phewwwwww I got it!! "
Few days ago, I got a appt wiz Jack Rudy yes!!!! Imma see whats up in Cali on next month!!!!!! Thanks buddies!!!!!!
Beside! Imma get his letters on my stomach! thiss my lil dream what get tatt on stomach.
sum ppl hate woman has tatt on STOMACH! I dont give a fuck! Imma get it! Juss do it nobody handling me
Now Im 39 yrs old so the remainder of my life is kinda short, aint short but yea short......
( I guess my life is 78yrs that cuz most my family passed away on 78yrs old lol)
I figured it is mine, my life is gettin middle point, I dont want sumone handlin' my life, yea I must to do as I want


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