December 29, 2008

My Boo " CHI "

The other day she hits the club in Shibuya which alala japanese ppl is packed there is totally diff between
our loco club n their club
(we used to hit loco club neva been there like japanese club, our loco club is like similar club of US there s fun tho)
aanywayz DJ was playin' sum hiphop it was lilbit oldies '99 '00 '01 sum kind of stuffs that made crunk her up
Lapdace, Poledance, shake her booty whateva as she wants in the club lmao ayteayte we shoulda hit club ;p
Big ass M*F オレ黒いなあ。。。あ〜〜あ〜〜やっぱり日焼けしようかなあああ
Dem pix r sooo old but unfortunately I have no camera today.......Suddenly she asked me to have a dinner
It had been 2month ? 3month? since I saw her last?!?!
ow yea I had so much fun to talk wiz her bout back in the dayz n music, club, blapan(thiss japnese/english)world and states
Its good tho, we r sharin' alala memories huh Lets hit the club next time hahahah
Plus I ll explain bout what BLAPAN mean is oneday ne☆ Its crazy world in JP

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