February 3, 2009

The Poseidon

Jack gave me Tattoo aftercare moisturizing cream " H2Ocean " Goooooooodeeeee for mah tatts ちょっと臭いけど=333
Im guessin' Itsumi has the poseidon tatt?! dont u? 違うかな? anywayz today is last spend time in LA
Go to ALVA's shop again, Have a launch wiz YURI after that we ll hit to see the " ESTEVAN ORIOL's " sum oldee camera n photo etc sum his collection at sumwhere shop, Visit to " RETNA " 's atelier studio and all of after that my homie NORI ll come down to my hotel for bring sum stuffs for our shop............IM out I ll up pic of my Tatts when I got to home Hooooowwwlla!!!!!!


ITSUMI said...

そうそう、jason jesseのサンタクルーズのneptuneのデッキのヤツをちょこっといじってもらったヤツ。

AKIRA said...

無事帰りました。。。なんだかほっとして、家でだら〜〜〜〜っとしてます。jason jesseのをinspireしてるんだ!で、やっぱり海もの?! ;D