February 15, 2009

San Clemente

One of mah favee free mag " Cyx " by Devil Nishi came out on the other day.
Cover is " C.Fletcher " killin' it. See badass the skull on head
He's still being model for " FAB " Thats optical brand where born in San Clemente n also Fletcher is from SC
And what good wiz fab is they choose mah bro " Watty " for new his product its called " House of INK " mayne so cool huh
But I couldnt find that pic........Imma post his pic wiz FAB later on
Here he comes 2005 " Poppin' his collar " as alwayz Braaah


EL Gato Negro said...

Thank you for the compliments, im glad you enjoy the work. stay tuned for more :) . fresh tats i hope to start documenting my process soon.

have a good one..

AKIRA said...

Yes I enjoyed wiz ur work!!