February 9, 2009

Jack Rudy


His tatt is so delicate n sensitive by single needle..........

I had sooooooooo much story, drama wiz Jack Rudy n his wify Carrie........I cant even write on here

Eventually we understand each other and he said " I ll tattoo u one of the proudly my script "

Ive never had tattin' like this big script on stomach of women for 33 yrs !!!! everybody thought me get lil script or sum

Hellnaaawwwwh me get a real big 1 on my stomach thiss my dream

then He asked me bout whats letters do u want?

I want to use the word " Charlie " like........ " Whats good Charlie? " or .........

So then Y dont u get " Good Time Charlies " if u like it

" ooO Of course I like it cuz that ur name!!! U give me ur name?!?! Sure? "

" Yes "

Got it !!!!!

" when I was in Japan, I tatted this name on sum Japanese dude.......he was like really love me so he request me tatt the name n skull on arm.......but it was juss I did wiz nothing cuz he want

but Kyoko, thiss totally different between u n that dude, u know. now we KNOW each other.......Yea thiss different "

Im so glad to u say that Jack........

His peeps r comin to say wassup to him When Jack tattin' on me then Jack r talkin to them bout " How did we meet each other in yokohama JP " was funny story, or " See, she juss got Baby Ray's tatt before she come here! " " Damn chu got 2 tatts in a day?! She is a gangsta! " so alala peeps r comin' it was fun

Beside he siad, Me(Jack) n my master who put the name " Good Time Charlie " r writin' sum history book so I ll put ur picture on my book

yea thiss good idea, young japanese women came to here from Tokyo for get my bigass script on her stomach lettered

" GOOD TIME CHARLIES " damn good!!! yea good idea!!!!

Thank u Thank u Jack even if it wont come true Im still happy tho

I had real meaningfully experience in this trip Thanks to Jack, Cariie, Tattoo land's staff, Ray, Steve, Alva, Richard, Retna, Yuri,
Tomo, Chaz, Nori, to all my homies!!!!!!!


mattfromotm said...

Jack did an amazing portrait of my father for me as well....He's amazing.


AKIRA said...

I saw ur tatt its juss ur dad! real cool n YES his script n portrait is the best in world!!!