February 18, 2009


Saint Lucia is Her ex hubby's home town

Come on ride my Rodeo Come on ride in my Rodeo This one of another one of dem nasty M-E-F joints Come on

Its another one rite here I love women Know why? cause they love me back

Give me one reason to stop teasin' cause I Know you got good sex for me Tell me what comes next for me
What do you expect from me I know of those promises of love & affection
There's something bout u Thats got me going But is it worth not knowing if you're gona be around

NO NO NO Im NOt horny lmao

She can be 18 18 wiz an attitude or 19 kinda snotty actin' real rude But as long as you a thicky thicky thick girl
You know that its on

Now all my guls say Do it baby Stick it baby Yea Bounce ya ass n holla Do it baby Stick it baby

Sumhow Im listenin' dem songs that Bring me back sum memories
Today is my big sis's BD " Ms Sharron " n share 18th Feb wiz " Dr Dre " Happy Birthday to both my Homies ;D

Beside I was readin' it " Why Men r sloppy kissers "(National geographics)


Anonymous said...

LOL nelly~


AKIRA said...

hahah yupyup
nelly and methman,TI !!!!!!!