July 3, 2008

Jack Rudy's anger exploded

Caddy n Rudy's stuff on wall in my room

They're pseudo reality, total fuckin' bullshit, that's y I've never fuckin' watched a whole episode of " Stinked " "Maiami Stink "
I can't even fuckin' watch it. I got pissed and say fuck that I gotta change it, i mean we live it so we don't need to fuckin' watch it in the first place, and other ppl'd find it boring, I mean what really goes on. but of course they're emphasizing
Drama Drama Drama. Bullshit stories that ppl will find. the human interest fuckin' whatever story, it's all fuckin' bullshit
and fuckin' contrived, and see we're also getting fucked another couple of ways by those fuckin' TV shows. cuz ppl are expecting
the miami stink experience, walking in like " oh yeah dude that sound rad, we'll draw it up for right now cool "
Not like " No holmes, leave deposit, we'll see you in a week, we'll have something drawn up for you or whatever "
that's the reality. ok, but now they're expecting what u can't do, I can't just walking and like drama those now.
Another misleading thing is a tattoo that might take three,four,five fuckin' hours is condensed because the show's
so fuckin' heavily edited, it appears like the tattoo is done 20 mins or a half hour or a hour whatever it is. but these fuckin IDIOTS
don't know that and they're expecting that, and the fuckin' worst part of all. I mean Yes those shows do us in the business, it does benefit us short term because just like when the fuckin' shows bout fuckin' bikes came out
It's all gone to fuckin' hell in hand basket, yeah absolutely
brah brah brah brah brah brah brah

Well I red like sum 3~4 pages of his anger in the book
that was so interesting and I feel ya mayne
but actually ppl want to watch it, even me tho ;p
Its seems just sum like trendy so those trend or fake ll be gone then
it'll be live in this world " REAL " or " OGS " like u and ur homies.

" Remember Kids, tattoo equipment in the hands of unskilled amateurs is very dangerouse "

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