September 11, 2008

7 yrs

At the police station for meet homie on 11 september 2001
Suddenly keep ringin' my celler and get text from alala homies where lives in states n americans in jp bout what happened on the twinz tower
I was like WTF guys r talkin bout and shyt , couldnt catch the point then my eyes fell on the TV in the police station
" The plane plunged into towers from the blue sky " " The twinz r collaspsed " it was a dreadful sight...... 
The historical event is not uninvolved wiz me even at over the sea cuz most homies r from states in jp or live in there

Ow now its 9:20 pm over here jp time, yea guess it time to happened that an unforgettable event

For awhile me n mah homies were hard to see after that cuz the federal government control alala things between americans n japanese
yea its not a big deal to the victims.....even tho that was so sorrowful for us

anywayz 7yrs have passed since then......sum homies r gone, sum homies r still homies
Shyt what was my point......
The news on the TV screen is flickering , Look back on the past that remind 911 my day was

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