August 26, 2009

bin laden shit or hydro

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
he was suppoed to get above the bigass system from omega campany for his babies plant
like i said " hellnawww where ru gona put it on shiiiiit "
" check this out check this out kyo-chan its so cheap bout 2000 bucks "
he doesnt even understand what my point and dont upset me!

in this morning, playing sum three six mafia's song " bin laden " in my whip
its remind sum old story...................
sumtime sum japanese peeps told us bout hydro is bad bad but its not right
if the stuff is real good then we(niccaz) called " 'dro "
cuz my exbf builded sum hydroponic system in the house that real sum shitttttttt good mayne!
u know y hydro is juss how to grow the way its suikohsaibai
if u use sum chemical nutrients then helllyea it'd be bad stuff for ya health
but we got a organic nutrients of fish or sum natural stuff such as vitamin
ow man its so damn stink! yuk cuz those r spoil yucky and its automatically flowing vitamin water by hydroponic system
become growing faster! i dont really remember how long takes time for harvest
think 2 month for over 3kg by his systen??
and woowee that stuff knock us out! beautiful crystal on! sum our crew know it huh
anywayz the system is heck tight to make paper paper
but boys doesnt matter for make money! the stuff is quickly to gone
me, impatiant like that! humm stupid!
but but the day, cops r coming wiz search warrant after i left his house
then send him up to the place and got kicked out to states
um? what we were growing? its tomatos! heckyea! what ru talking bout?


m. said...

lol i thought dro was hard to come by in 日本!

crazy story too!!

AKIRA said...

well most ppl grow by soil but my man was master lol
he made the stuffs by hydroponic wiz organic nutrients. yea it mite hard to get dro from ordinary dealers in jp. anyway hows ova there goin on?

m. said...

it's going ok! 順調に行けば12月に卒業できます!so excited about graduating, because then i can move to tokyo permanently! woo wooooo.

promise i'll visit more often after that lol.

AKIRA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AKIRA said...

permanently?? sure?? thats cool!!
see u in dec then!!
good luck at ya school☆

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