December 8, 2009

FUCT Erik Brunetti

Erik Brunetti from FUCT is here! ive been looking forward to seeing him Erik for real

let me tell u something......................
around '92? '93 my brother and home boys moved to LA wiz sum dreams
so my brother used to live near Erik's office then.................
" i always saw Erik, Slick they were extremely rad! like crazy" brother was exciting to
told me bout the time, Fuct is in the glare of publicity and my brothers are
trying to found own clothing brand in LA.thats y my brothers are looking them(erik, slick)up
anywayz ive been heard bout erik slick whats he been up to in LA from bro (i cant even write
sum stories on here hahah)
and then............the Erik is coming that i was filled wiz deep emotion and i had a great
time wiz u! aaaaaaah i cant explain well sorry. also Emmelie and Bella thanks for coming!
it was meaningful time and good times wiz u guys!
ey mr Mei i appreciate a lot!

彼らの家の近くにERIK達の事務所があって ”そこからERIK, SLICK達がめっちゃキメテ(色んな意味で笑)出てくるんだよぉ 
それがスッゲーカッコよくてさぁ”って弟達がエキサイトしながら話してくれたの その時のFUCTは凄いことになっていたし 
弟達も自分達のブランド作るって頑張っていたときだから そんなERIK達に憧れていたのかな まっとにかく彼らの色々なことを聞いていたのね

FUCT Erik Brunetti :
Hopi Botanicals Emmelie Brunetti :
Neutron Inc. Mei :


SomedayNewYorker said...

That little kid is amazingly styled.

AKIRA said...

yes she is!