July 30, 2009

itsumi & danny

i juss got back to home then........................
the box is sittin' in my room and i popped then appeared dem!
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awwwwwwwwwww how sweeeeeeet the BD present is
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jesus mug! pour in a hot beverage and jesus gets cheeky! yes imma do it lata on ;D
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ooooooh maaaaan u made it for me! much detail and i feel ya love and sweet smell 
ほんとに!sweet smellなのだ!
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flip over then its a beautiful white satin material / front like " god save the queen"
how cool the gap!
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so ive been waiting " just married " card!!! finally i got it!!!! 
and im really glad that danny wrote the message for me!? 
its really special yes really really special to me cuz i cant imagine to ur writing sum ;p 
thats y ほんとに嬉しい!!!!
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yupyup i already put both card on the wall
well,I don't know how to express my feel, i just i appreciate itsumi and danny 's big love
i tried to call u few hours ago but it was answering machine ohhhh no good timing as always
so baaaaaddddd but i ll lata again!
whole bunch love to itsumi and danny♡♡♡♡♡ありがとううううううううううあたしゃ幸せだあああああああ


Anonymous said...

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AKIRA said...

thank u to dropping on my blog!
imma enjoy for my self anyway!