April 13, 2009

Sex And The City

I found da pandora's box. there is an old our pictures. So Dont piss me off if my anger explosion then
Sure Imma post sum damn ur pix on here Hahhahahah I have alotta special old pic of yall. u betta watch me out.
And what my jealous is my brother looks good even in the oldies man! me! fuck no! my look was horrible!
anywayz this time I juss picked sum pic of shoes '85-88 n Today
Patrick Cox wiz Histeric Glamour's stocking
Bro's Dr Marten
My sis ripped off my black leather Monk Crepe Sole by George Cox's, My first Dr Marten
My Purple Suede Monk Crepe Sole wiz ride on Vespa but actually we called the shoes " RubberSole "
Today Got a Pirate Boots wiz CF tartan check BD shirts
Oow I forgot to get my first Vans for here.......

George Cox : http://www.georgecox.co.uk/
Dr Marten : http://www.drmartens.com/
Patrick Cox : http://www.patrickcox.com/
VivienneWestwood : http://www.seditionaries.com/Links/Seditionaries_links.htm
Vespa : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Old_Mods_photo.jpg


Oliver said...

i had fucking zebra creepers back in the day. lets not break that picture!!!

AKIRA said...

zebra is heck tight!