January 19, 2009

Book of ...........

I dropped to book store in this morning for get sum book of " Palestina " " Israel " " Zionism "
There has no like historical books. ppl unconcerned bout that even the news is flickin' in TV. I've should go to more bigger store.
well....my point is ppl not much concern bout it.
yea actually also I was........but it made me wana know " Whats goin' on at there "
thru the blog of " ERIK " n sum others. the picture was miserable I cant say any .......My opinion un carries considerable weight in the problem of Palestina, plus I dont even have recognition of Japanese war history and its a very complicated problems of " Political " " Racism " " Religion " There is no end to problems in the world........but even tho I still have the right to know the history, gotta get sum book anyway

Slaughter of children : http://www.uruknet.de/?s1=1&p=50434&s2=06
Erik : http://slamxhype.com/author/Erik%20Brunetti/

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