October 10, 2009

damn ur kodak chick

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yesterday, i tryna shoot boys like for advertisement but its so damn difficult to take picture 
by film camera........... 
well, i imaged what type i want pics in my mind but camera is uneasy to work well
especially film camera, few pictures in i took bout 100 pics which i do like the pictures 
and i dont even remember how to take it for good one -sigh 
but but but imma do it gotta do it cuz brah gave me this opportunity!

気に入った写真は十枚何百枚のうちのほんの数枚で それもどう撮ったかなんて覚えてないし -sigh 


Anonymous said...

digi is cheating! any idiot can take digi, FILM is a REAL medium!!! Practice with digi and film side by side, take note ie: write down settings, take a one day class @ the camera store. dem lil point and shots ARE NOT industry standard!!! practice depth of field, rack focus( u cant do this with point shoot cams), and laws of 3rds!!! take lots of photos!!!!

AKIRA said...

i really understand what ur saying for.
i gotta make steadily efforts and take alala photos
thank u

yaro said...


AKIRA said...


Blogger said...

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