October 2, 2009

tattooing the invisible man

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tattooing the invisible man Don Ed Hardy cover Bill Salmon tattoo by ed hardy '80
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" thiss the lone ranger " drawing when his 6yrs old
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play tattooing wiz lil homies when he is 10yrs old
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good time charlie decided to leave tattooing and ed hardy bought the east LA shop wiz jack rudy as a manager
we moved the business down the street, opened tattooland
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the three wise guys....... ouch tattooed armpits

i bought this book the other day! (thanks mr murata of towerecord, KWG inc)
whats the reason why i got to buy now???
cuz i need to check artwork of ed hardy's cholo style for my new tatt and my bro wataru recommended
actually im not really interesting bout ed hardy
and nowadays unfortunately he got a famous by his clothing line some shit
even tho he is one of the great tattooer nonetheless and this book is good!!!
check it if have a chance..............

ed hardyとくに興味はなかったんだけど。。。。ほらclothing bizがあんなことになってるし笑
by ed hardyだ!っていうから
自伝みたいになってるんだけど この人とあの人は繋がっているんだぁとか

ed hardystep momは日本人カメラマンで それも彼のtattrootsに繋がるのかなとか

やっぱり何かを最初に始めた人ってすごいわなぁ 今がどうであってもね
hop in the shower, get dress and go!!!!!!!!!!!
whats crackin? dj paul, juicy j, lord infamous?! hes gon be come?