October 2, 2009

no picture!!!!!

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yuri hasegawa
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retna and mac private reception photo by yuri
i was supposed to come down to retna's exhibition and ive been looking forward to see it
but unfortunately i couldnt get it........ me juss on talk?! as always?! HA
anywayz i asked to yuri bout how was his recption??? then reply to showed me dem pictures
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plus, also norm has exhibition too. cant wait to see norm's photo by yuri!!!
norm moved to spotlight tattoo's studio in LA when i was at LA.......
i missed to see him humm
retnaexhibition行きたかったなぁ 行くつもりだったんだけど。。。。。
chu know im always just on talk ハハハ
normもあるのね 彼は私がbaby rayに入れてもらってる次の日にサンフランシスコ
からLAspotlight tattooに移ってくるって言ってて結局私は会えなかったけど

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