March 22, 2009

Bitch Pleeeaasse


" Stephanie Seymour " " Christy Turlington " is my Idol " super models " on end of 80's !!!!!!!!!!!
Plus Both r born in '68 or sum its old damn! but still amazingly beautiful !!!!! Damn nahhh both r same year in '69 as mine OwoW
hum Imma see my ol' magazines of super models later

Now Playing " Dr DRE??? " noooone


Oliver said...

yeah everybody sampled david alexrod.
listen to dj. shadow's first record. all david alexrod.
and if you like Cool G. Rap look up
"take em to war" and then david axelrod"a divine image"... he's the man.

AKIRA said...

I think I have dem g rap, beatnuts, lord finesse, mos def, no id, de la soul which using sample of david axelrod but I didnt even know that time was bout " david axelrod " I juss collected dem records