March 9, 2009

She's gone

On 5th she stayed at my home Next day she left to states..........
Again, Im straight to express " how my feelings bout woman "
Itsumi is one of the real woman in my life for real Im not juss on mouf
I know sum girls is real cute but thats only cute, I know sum girls has real cool tatts but thats only she has, I know sum girl be able to skate real good thats cool yea but thats only she does, I know sum girls r into music but thats all, so what? No interesting to me. mostly no good balance. Not only surface that Particular bout cool stuffs n things, everything, off course include Looks too
thats my man! I do love woman that got a own style n goin' own the way, Fortunately Itsumi got it thats y
I wish had spend more time wiz u it'd be supa fun plus Sorry to took u around until morning the day that made u tired
See u in the states sumtime soon! have a good 1


ITSUMI said...

thank you so much for everything!
i had fucking great time with you and your crew!
i really love them!
say hi to everyone and love you!!!
and yeah, lets go to SD next time!!!
cant wait!!!
miss you!!!

AKIRA said...

NP!!! it was real meaningful time wiz u!!!!
hellyea cant wait head to SD☆ 
take care always n have a good 1 at there
plus i always forgot to taka pic of us!!! damn it!!!
thats y i puted this pic....hummm