March 3, 2009

Great Work

Today We got a new product Ben Davis vest wiz our brand " Core Fighter " patches
I was surprise! a curious coincidence that becuz...... .It remind of last nite I red " 4Q's " blog what told us " Ben Davis dies "
And I found this SFGATE to read........He is a man of the Man

He wore a Ben Davis shirt every day of his life. Ben Davis pants, too

He was married to the same woman for 73 years

He never worked another job

He lived his whole life in San Francisco, the city where he was born

He wasn't a real flashy guy

Family that had been making clothing for generations, and who were partly responsible - along with Levi Strauss - for the invention of jeans

There is something in my brothers that has relevance to Ben Davis style or The Real Man similar to his style
And We respect U, Ur " Honorable achievement "


4Q :

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