May 4, 2009

Marked Man

Kawaji KKK Iori
well.....I'd love to feel in the air of Kiyoshiro or muse over past memories
but ppl has to step to toward the future..................
so today, Kawaji n Iori dropped to shop!
I've had post bout their jewelry, furniture brand " Night Rider "
they aim is real right! and lemme say again " yea absolutely love it "

Night Rider :

btw now remember, me n Iori kun messing around in our home town long time ago huh?
lately we r meeting up around our shop or office so I forgot we r old friend........


Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Is that you, girl?

You have awesome hair...and tattoos...I love your look!


AKIRA said...

ow yea thats me.

but also i love ur style too!
especially " u can playguiter " thats hella cool ! ana!

- KyoKo.K