May 6, 2009


Al n Nav at sumwhere in Nippon

aaaaaah slept all day today................... I didnt even hearr any ringing of my celler
so now no sleepyhead um what do I gonna do
call to Mario? cuz he text me bout he got back to states from Ethiopia
like he said " it was tight n mite go back to there in soon " hum wish could come down there wiz him it'd be cool
but still I'd love to come down to Italy n Cali n Mexico xxxx but be careful of pig flu xxxx
まだ雨降ってるんだぁ 嫌だなぁ はーやっぱ寝るか 
OwoW yea I ll get new Schwinn Stingray tomorrow coowl
have a good nite, nitenite

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