May 11, 2009

HELA '02

I was filing our clothing brand " Core Fighter " 's clipping from japanese magazine '02
Office in downtown LA
Modeling homies & CF crew from LA to Tokyo
My brother Noboru who design core fighter's stuffs n management his own companies.
Looks different! it was wearing baggy jeans n was look yougin' ? HA
Tsuru is a best collector of japanese ghetto blaster in the world??? & Yusuke a Thug
Teru of Hellbent, Shiva & Wataru, Yocchan
Suppaman & Hela 中隊長

then now, we r getting looks changed or changed favorite styles and we are going our several ways
but we r never change heart even we are growin', turning 40 yrs old 50 yrs old ..........
sure my brother Noboru ll make good stuffs for family, homies, off course for himself