May 11, 2009

HELA '02

I was filing our clothing brand " Core Fighter " 's clipping from japanese magazine '02
Office in downtown LA
Modeling homies & CF crew from LA to Tokyo
My brother Noboru who design core fighter's stuffs n management his own companies.
Looks different! it was wearing baggy jeans n was look yougin' ? HA
Tsuru is a best collector of japanese ghetto blaster in the world??? & Yusuke a Thug
Teru of Hellbent, Shiva & Wataru, Yocchan
Suppaman & Hela 中隊長

then now, we r getting looks changed or changed favorite styles and we are going our several ways
but we r never change heart even we are growin', turning 40 yrs old 50 yrs old ..........
sure my brother Noboru ll make good stuffs for family, homies, off course for himself



Oliver said...

how i remember all of this.... haha
ill post some really old shit some time...

AKIRA said...

ow yea? and imma check ur oldies later on!