May 13, 2009

Tailor K Brothers

OwoW gosh OMFG! Im so excitin'
At last I found what I wana wear for brother's dinner! thanks HELMUT LANG its u mannnn
sure I must get ur wool jump suit or silk jump suit tmr or in this week yes!
and gotta get bag n shoes also......... 
awww must shape my body for LANG actually Im going to swim lately hahah
beside me n bro Wataru was talking bout dress or suit then like he said " prolly Imma order sum suit n high collar dress shirts like Karl Lagerfeld at K brothers "
oh man it'd looks hella tight on u! cant wait see it
Tailor K brothers where near our hood is heck yea! sum japanese stars r ordering at there huh

Tailor K Brothers a shop long standing 

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