September 17, 2009

triple six mafia

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aw shit 
awwwwww shiiiiiiiiiit 
three 6 mafia 
ll come to tokyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chu know how long time im waiting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
lets get hypnotize minds


m. said...

my friend works for sony, he got to party and chill with three 6 all night after a show once, he said they're really cool guys. GAH i wish i could've been there! i was in tokyo lol.

a.c.h.talking said...

I wanna go to triple six... mafiaaaaa!!!
Anyway talk to
Love from K

AKIRA said...

m. : aye? thats coolcool! but u ll be able to see in memphis! even in ATL rite! thats wassup! more than in tokyo.....hahah

a.c.h.talking : aaaawww kana! u dont even tell me " u have 1 of ur blog! " sooooo bad!!!!! hahahah
yepyep 3-6 is coming! shiiiiiii ive been waiting for over 10yrs! forsho lets see! ttyl
from ur gangsta boo ;p