September 12, 2009

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you called yesterday to basically say
that you care for me
but that ur just not in love
immediately i pretended
to be feeling similarly
and led you to believe it was okay
to just walk away from the one thing
thats unyielding and sacred to me
well i guess im trying to be
nonchalant about it
and im going to extremes to prove
im fine without you
but in reality im slowly losing my mind
underneath a disguise of a smile
gradually im dying inside
friends ask me how i feel
and i lie convincingly
cuz i dont want to reveal
the fact that im suffering
So i wear my disguise
till i go home at night
and turn down all the lights
and then i break down and cry
そういうこと。。。。?! そういうことデス

はぁ雨嫌だなぁぁぁ こんな日は concentrate on 執筆です。。。。。

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