March 3, 2010

Doll's festival

today is Hina-matsuri(doll's festival or girl's festival) dolls of emperor, empress wiz
dressed in beautiful traditional costumes and their servants are displayed in the room
hope that family's girl ll grow up healthy and beautifully then my mother let the old d
olls out for me. the dolls are old old! takeover from grandmother to me and the dude is
mr Ralph Lauren! behind the dolls ;q
今日はひな祭り 久しぶりにオカンがひな人形を出してくれた笑 左の人形は60年前のものでおばあちゃんから母そして私達姉妹と受
け継いだものなんだ 人形の後ろにはミスターラルフローレンの写真♡ っつーーーか早く片付けないと嫁に行き遅れちゃうじゃないの!

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