March 8, 2010

Freedom for a fundraiser bomber Revok

i got sum text bout the seventh letter's big exhibition from Yuri and happy birthday
to yuri chan カリフォルニアにいるユリチャンからメールきた===3333seventh letterのショーがあってかなり
エキサイトした!って そんでもってハッピーバースデーユリチャン♡

the seventh letter
eklips (the 7th letter ex boss)


Candid Ho said...

hey there! Finally getting slow down a bit.. checked your blog. Thank you~~! We found a homeless husky on my BD night and took him in at our front yard. We moved our apo time of our fav. restraunt.. kinda quiet but quality time! ^.^

AKIRA said...

ow ur so sweet! is husky being good boy(girl) wiz uguys ? again happy birthday~~~~~~ ;D
A N D=3 finally i ordered 7D! yay! ll get in soon! i always appreciate bout ur advice! honto ni~~~~~ arigato!