June 2, 2008


I cant sleep.......I had much slept at early time.....so im writin' sum random topic
Im guessin' Yaro!!! ur gona get this camera huh?
Well....Yesterday,me n my girl Yaro was talkin' bout Camera on the phone
We r just beginin' to take photo so I just got a Contax T2 and She is gonna get sum camera of Carl Zeiss
I was like damn " u choose good one !!! " kinda like jealous!!!
My Contax has yea Carl Zeiss lens thats y i got it cuz home girl Yuri (http://www.yuriphotography.com/) recommended the lens
And I red alotta books bout the lens is good........
so my point is.......how much japanese ppl r geek " OTAKU " u know
see it we r amateur but get sum film camera!!!! even hard to handle it!!!! my man said " u should get a SLR digi camera "
we dont even listen from sumbody's advice ;p
Actually my photos wasn't satisfactory to me but its ok tho
ll be better. dayone?! YARO!!! I ll take pic of my homies n Yaro ll take pic of ur skaters at felem? ;D especially ur boy hehehe
so eventually we make a photograph collection

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