June 27, 2008

Yellow Eagle

mr Goro wiz ol' bike " Indian "
Ridin' horse
snaps puttin' on wall of Goro's shop - pics of my brother n Nishiura kun from Tenderloin , goro's son Jun on the wall
Goro's stuffs my medicine bag and belt
Nishiura kun's Medicine bag n Coin Belt
my Brother n Nishiura from Tenderloin, my Bro n Goro n lady n mr Takayama from Goro's son " Jun " wedding party
sry bro! u mite that pissin u off cuz i puttin old pictures....hahahah

Sumhow, Open the book of Yellow Eagle is mr Goro Takahashi's Indian name who makin' silver jewelry in harajuku since1971
and he is a real indian.......he got perform a ritual in native american 's spiritual life by Great Sioux Nation
on long ass time ago
At the First n Only one of the Japanese Indian. i dont even know nowadays sumbody mite be indian from japanese
i dont know....
We r so into his style at 1990
My homies r messin' around wiz mr Goro
Goro s ridin' ol' bike " INDIAN " or the classic car for go to club " GOLD " that a big ass bubbly club hahah
and homies got big ass Harley Davidson that time was. even me, I wanted then got a drivers license for big bike!!!
Back in the day so nostalgic memories

plus I saw Goro's stuffs in Hypebeast, whats wrong wiz they showin no matter what japanese brand n fashion stuff
hypebeast is unconsistency site damn!!


ZipHtc said...

I have not met Goro yet but I have known (for over 1o years) his following is truly incredible!!

I actually saw an ad for his store in a 1970’s Japanese Rolling Stone magazine!

He has a rock and rock following as well. I have read that even Eric Clapton has tons of his stuff!!

Another great Hero is Mr. Gen Tarumi who started the Hollywood Ranch Market in Daikanyama!

AKIRA said...

ow yea? ive not seen the RS magazine ever
my sisiter has been working wiz goro and we hang out wiz him.....reminisce bout that
yea hollywoodlunchmarkey is old store but unfortunately i dont know much bout gen
ur such a japanesy

AKIRA said...

hold on! ru real zip stevenson??? hummm??? wow!

Unknown said...

Yes... I am real. Thank you so much!

AKIRA said...

oh man! thanks for dropping the comm!
and if u have a chance holla at our store of clothing brand " core fighter " when u come over to tokyo!

ZipHtc said...

Wow?! Thank you so much for your excellent invitation!

Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

Zip Stevenson said...

Rest in peace Yellow Eagle. You will be dearly missed. ;-(