June 6, 2008

Lovely 666 day

Itsumi sent me this pics from Cali in this morning
She is a coolest japanese girl ever  
She is cute but not only like that way
She is sexy
She knows how to dress like unordinary girl 
She knows how much cool skate is
She knows how much cool blackmetal is lol
oOw yea She has coolest tattoos
She is a hardcore Bitch!!!! Im callin U " bitch " wiz my bunch love k?
Ey Itsumi Thanks sent me dem pics n U chan Thanks hook me up wiz her blog
check her ITSUMI blog below in my favees u ll see how much she is cool tho
cant wait to see U on November in Tokyo
やべえええ かわいすぎるうううう♡ 

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